My Body (Stand Up)

First For Women
1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Prism Awards 2021

Campaign of the Year finalist 2021

Gold Sabre EMEA awards 2021

My Body (Stand Up)
1st for Women wanted to combat gender-based violence in South Africa. Our insight stemmed from hip hop being the most popular music genre in the world. It’s also the most demeaning to women. 37% of hip hop tracks depict women as objects, and 22% of songs condone violence against women.

Radio listenership in South Africa is up 34% since the lockdown, so 1st for Women hacked the medium with the largest audience in order for our message to be distributed as far as possible. We sampled a track from the 1980s credited as one of the best coping mechanisms for survivors of abuse, collaborated with some of South Africa’s most successful women artists, and dropped a beat to speak out against gender-based violence.


Million views on Youtube and TikTok


Radio stations played our song more than 1,000 times over 3 months


Million South Africans Reached


Increase in traffic to
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