Gumtree Goodlife

Gumtree Goodlife
In an e-commerce space where consumers are struggling to make ends meet, we needed to find a way to hero Gumtree as the go-to marketplace for buyers and sellers.

The #GumtreeGoodLife concept centred on glamorising ‘normal’; the everyday things that suddenly become status symbols when you’re trying to make it to the next payday.

We launched with a hero video, showcasing how consumers can live the #GumtreeGoodlife, in a fun, relatable way. Supported by an influencer marketing tactic for content co-creation, and providing weekly prize incentives, we were able to earn over 17 million impressions, and reach 3.5 Million unique users during the campaign period.


Million impressions


Million unique people reached

28 000+

Clicks through to Gumtree
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