Orchid For Lil-Lets

Nov 14, 2022

Lil-Lets and Retroviral earned an Orchid for the Incontinence Campaign launched in 2022 aimed at encouraging women to move away from plastic tampon applicators, billions of which are probably clogging up landfills or floating in the oceans around the globe and using their finger (and standard tampons) instead

Respected advertising Journalist Brendan Seery’s #OrchidsandOnions has become one of the most desirable recognitions an agency locally can get for a campaign. 

Seery writes “It is straight-talking with some pretty graphic graphics…but it’s not shocking or offensive and does provide food for thought about making tampons “digital” (in the sense that the fingers on a hand are digits, see?) The message is aimed at a generation which is only too aware of the damage done by previous generations – including the men who came up with the idea of tampons and plastic applicators – to our environment. At the same time, it positions Lil-Let’s as a caring and forward-thinking brand.”

“Lil-Lets is not a brand that will tell you to wear a pad or liner and just live with it. They want to be the brand that really gets it. Through this campaign, we wanted to help consumers make sure little leaks don’t become big problems by providing products to help them live confidently, while also providing support and information to understand and address the underlying causes of bladder leaks,” says Creative Director Ndumiso Nyoni. 

The Lil-Lets Incontinence launch achieved just under R1 Million in new revenue as a direct result of the campaign, which is one of the most impressive new product development launches in the Premier FMCG brand stable history.  

“Retroviral really immerses themselves in the detail, understands our consumer and continues to push us and our work so we create outstanding content that matters and delivers results” said Keryn Brien, Marketing Executive for Lil-Lets.

“Through driving relevance, communication and awareness around the new Lil-Lets range of Incontinence products, Lil-lets was able to tap into a new target audience of consumers that had a direct impact on bottom line sales” concludes Nyoni. 

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