You take the lead on the social accounts assigned to you. You help steer the strategic approach to each brand, on every platform. You’re a fearless content creator obsessed with crafting content that makes people stop mid-scroll and take notice.

You are fully immersed in the ecosystems of your brands and use your knowledge to create a social presence that connects and inspires the right action. You drive the content creation and ideation process for your brands and continuously push to create the best possible outputs that smartly meet objectives. You obsess over the details of every aspect of your work.

You oversee their implementation of day-to-day content and paid media across your platforms.

You take great interest in the real-time analytics of your accounts and platforms and you’re constantly working to ensure targets are being met and exceeded. You look for patterns and key insights and make sure they are clearly presented in reports and that recommendations are actioned every new content cycle. You love what you do, and it shows. Every day.

Your responsibilities are:

    1. Content creation
      • Take the lead in setting up and managing creative brainstorms with the team for your content plans and campaign plans
      • Make sure you fully understand the brief and requirements before embarking on a project. Craft content informed by the target audience, objectives and creative strategy of the brand and any specific requirements from clients.
      • Refine outputs to a point where you are happy to present them to the Creative Director and Executive Creative.
      • Push for experimentation and creative excellence in all your outputs.
      • Once approved, work with the design team to bring your ideas to life in different multimedia formats that best support your concept and objectives.
    2. Community Management
      • Manage the scheduling, posting and boosting of content across your brands’ platforms. Ensure that it is executed at a excellent standard
      • Makes sure response times are kept low and escalation protocols are being followed at all times. Keep a close eye on all communities to ensure potential issues are flagged and averted where possible.
      • Know the response protocols by brand
      • Uphold the highest standards of customer service in all consumer interactions.
      • Implement all necessary social media listening tools to ensure you are aware of all mentions of your brand in the social space (even when not directly tagged).
    3. Paid Media
      • Oversee and implement an always-on paid media strategy across the brands you manage – every post that goes out must be backed with spend.
      • Monitor performance of all media running on your accounts and make changes where necessary to ensure optimal results.
      • Work with the Head of Paid Media to implement paid media campaigns and strategies against the prescribed media budget for your brands.
      • Make sure paid media campaigns are effectively being managed with:
        1. Detailed targeting
        2. Clear understanding of objectives and KPIs
        3. Optimal use of ad formats and timings
        4. Regular optimisation of campaign performance.
    4. Reporting
      • Ensure the smart use of reporting tools including Facebook/Instagram Analytics, Ads Manager, Twitter Analytics, Social Bakers and BrandsEye (where applicable).
      • Oversee the compilation of monthly reports in the correct Retroviral template detailing the performance of your brands across channels against KPIs.
      • Make sure data is correctly interpreted to provide clear insights and recommendations and ensure they are implemented in upcoming content plans.
    5. Skills Development an Knowledge Transfer
      • As the social lead on the brands you’re assigned to, you need to facilitate the necessary skills and knowledge transfer to the junior team members
      • Constantly research and experiment with new social tools and platforms – they change every month.
      • Identify key learning and growth opportunities for yourself and discuss them with the Head of Paid Media and Creative Director.

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