Posted by Mike Sharman

Our latest labour of love stems from a truly South African experience – the Braai.

Castle Lager, together with Gloo recently launched the BraaiNation app. In preparation for this occasion, we joined forces with Studio Republic and invited Jason Goliath to tell us how important this app was for a Braai Relations Officer (B.R.O) or any other South African man.

As if timing your cut of meat according to your preference wasn’t enough, the app times your beers in the fridge for you! And that’s why we love Castle.

Now take a look the the official launch of the BraaiPhone, which has already attracted 21,000 views in six days. Watch until the end for links to download to your Mandroid or BraaiOS device:

For reference sake, here is the official trailer for the Apple iPhone 5:

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