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We’ve been working on a student campaign with RMB in the last couple of weeks. Instead of going the traditional route of recruiting graduates just via campus career days, we’ve built a microsite with that offers a creative solution for the applicants this year.

To attract the diverse minds of not only financial students, RMB is appealing to business, financial and engineering students too, through an interactive method of equation building.

Graduates are encouraged to create their own equations through a string of picture riddles making up a positive message symbolising their aspiring career goals.

RMB equation 1

These can be built on the microsite and on campus during the respective university career fairs.

By getting graduates involved both online and offline, students around South Africa also stand the chance of winning a lunch with RMB’s Top 5 thought leaders in Johannesburg.

To find out more about the RMB graduate programme, visit and see how you can be a part of the equation.

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