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Whenever you set out to achieve something, both in your personal and professional life, an ego paired with confidence in your ability to succeed goes a long way. We can’t tell you how to get the dream girl, but giving you some tips on how to land your dream job, on the other hand, is something we’re more geared to. Whether you’re searching for your first job or looking for a change, putting yourself out there can be intimidating, to say the least – but it needs to be done.

Smooth Styling: Dress for success
One of the secrets to success is dressing the part. Not only do the clothes you wear allow you to communicate something about yourself and your personality, they also make a long-lasting statement about yourself. The professional environment has become less conservative over time, which means you might not have to button yourself up in a suit. Self expression is possible as long as you’re mindful of the rules of your industry. As soon as you walk through the door, your interviewer will form an opinion about you based on anything from the colour of your shirt to your hat – if you’re feeling trendy.

Your confidence levels will all depend on how good your clothes make you feel that day. A good boost will help you project your best self in your interview. Bearing in mind that everyone’s style is different, each person follows their own style guide but one way of doing it is to visualize yourself in the position you are trying to fill and dress like you already have it.


Grand Grooming: Look the part
There was a time when men were given the side-eye for spending to much time in front of the mirror – now, it is highly appreciated. This is about your dream job so there really is no science to it other than making sure that you always look sharp, hair stubble and fingernails included. As a society, we’ve come a long way in embracing individuality; we’re seeing more and more men being expressive with their hairstyles. Beyond your haircut of choice, grooming (hyperlink could be in the form of choosing a signature scent or deciding how you want to ‘wear’ your beard. The key is to always look presentable.

Crafted CV: Put your name on it
The whole point of your CV is for your potential employer to get an idea of your skills and work history in a few seconds – so you’ve got to make those moments count. The formats have changed over the years. Unlike the outdated, overly detailed documents that required and a hundred attachments, your potential employer currently believes in “less is more.” There are a couple of guidelines to help you carve the best CV…but a good CV is just one thing. Being able to elaborate on the details of your skills and work experience is another. “Talk us through your CV” is a common enough request for you to rehearse an answer for. This gives you a few minutes to give your best pitch while filling up some interview time.

Our collaboration with the Clere For Men brand and Wonderland Collective goes beyond helping you find the best way to package yourself. It’s our contribution to alleviating the stress of unemployment that is causing so much strain on the youth, and the economy as a whole. Visit (hyperlink) for a more detailed guide on building the right package for yourself and help a friend empower them.

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