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Remember when teacher would say “you have the attention span of a goldfish” when she caught you pretending to listen in class? Well, turns out our attention span is actually worse than that of a goldfish, which gives marketers roughly eight seconds to grab our attention.

If you were watching the trends for 2016, you would have seen predictions that video would be your best friend as a content marketer. Why? Visuals are easier to digest and make more long lasting impressions on the viewer. So you might want to go easy on the text heavy ads this year. People are more likely to watch an entire 30 second video and even more likely to share it across different platforms, which introduces a viral component to the content you produce, thus building your influence. 

As we’ve seen from previous trends that have failed (uhm… QR codes?), how you use the trend is more important than following the trend. If you want to win with video, this is what we want to see:

1. Teach us something

MAC Cosmetic’s Instant Artistry

Remember a time when we physically went into a store to buy products and there’d be sales assistants ready to give us a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the product? With everyone doing their window shopping and buying online, it’s probably a good idea to make video tutorials so the role of the sales assistant is not missed.

Why it works: the consumer will be more likely to buy from you because they know what they’re getting themselves into and you’ve created excitement to use the product.

2. Introduce us to something new

Google’s new logo

It’s very easy to become attached to a brand’s look and feel, it’s not so easy to let go when they decide to get a make-over.

Why it works: instead of focusing solely on the brand, take us through the brand’s story, it’s evolution or why it exists.

3. Show us how you did it

Nigella’s Typhoo Ad

People are always curious to see what goes on in the background because it almost feels like they’re being let in on a secret. While this not may be suitable for every type of business (please don’t do this if you’re a paper manufacturer), there’s a great opportunity to show some transparency and build trust.

Why it works: while you’re showing your processes, personality and culture, you’re also getting a chance to advertise your brand…subliminally.

4. Don’t be fake unless you’re doing it on purpose

Neflix’s House of Cards Trailer

Nobody is going to share a cheesy 30 second ad anywhere. Most importantly, nobody wants to see your attempts to exaggerate the facts in hopes of bumping up sales. Not unless it’s a parody of course.

Why it works: “fake” ads work simply because people are always looking for a good laugh – even better if this gives them an opportunity to make other people laugh. Adding humour to your brand is never a bad move if you’re trying to be more approachable.

5. Make us anticipate your next move

Samsung and Rihanna’s

People get anxious when a brand stops releasing regular content. The last thing you want is for people to forget about you so best give them little bits of content to keep them busy, while you stall.

Why it works: people are still talking about you and most importantly, they’re too entertained to pay attention to the real content you should be giving them.

The best part about creating video content is that you don’t need a big budget to do it – you can do it in-house and you have access to countless free editing tools. As long as your content is relatable and topical, there’s no reason why your brand won’t stand out.

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