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African Blogger Awards 2015

Who are the biggest bloggers in Africa? Well that question was answered, when the winners from the second annual African Bloggers Awards were announced recently. This year over 1000 entries across the 36 sub-categories were received , which is more than double the amount received in 2014.


The awards were set up with the aim of acknowledging top talent in their blogging, vlogging and social media capacities. African Blogger Awards also aims to promote and broaden the blogger footprint across the continent, and in doing so allowing brands to see the value in marketing by using bloggers and the blogging platform as an additional medium.


In the main categories, the 2015 African Blogger Award winners are:



The 36 sub-categories included sectors such as Advice, Fashion and Beauty, Events and Nightlife, Education, Sports, Political, Technology and Gadgets, and Youth Culture among others.

Category winners include:


Each winner will receive a web banner for boasting rights on their blog and a swanky trophy too. Do you think you have what it takes to be an African Blogger Award winner? Then get blogging now because the awards are returning early next year. While you’re at it, sign up to Webfluential and engage with brands on their latest campaigns.

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