#WhyWeDoDigital: M-Net Movies Comedy 2014

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After a successful Superheroes campaign with M-Net in 2013, Retroviral was tasked with promoting the 2014 M-Net Movies Comedy channel for the month of September. With plenty of stand-up comedy on channel 104, we needed to produce a concept that would highlight this offering, while relating to South African humour.

Enable YouTube thumbnails in Facebook

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Facebook loves changes and lately we have experienced some issues when we have wanted to embed videos into our own, or our clients’ Facebook pages. We paste the link but it does not convert itself to a link + thumbnail of the video.

The new Nando’s campaign: numbers and honours

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The secret is out. Nando’s has a new CEO, or Chicken Excellence Officer, and the interwebs are alight with brand kudos for the phenomenal content that Black River FC has produced, parodying Cell C. Consumers have chosen sides and #TeamNandos is clearly the people’s favourite, but the most impressive thing is how powerful the ‘tweeted-word’ is from the Southern tip of Africa, and how we can hold our own and compete with trending topics in countries such as the US and UK. We have compiled a list of figures courtesy of YouTube analytics, detailing the viral success that one of our most beloved brands achieved this past weekend. We have also included the video at the bottom of the post, just in case you managed to find a rock big enough to hide under over the past couple of days and miss all the hoopla 🙂

Producing a successful viral video

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There is no formula for making video content go viral, but after watching this link that GetOn‘s Melissa Attree tweeted us this morning, we started thinking about the elements that are important to give your content the best possible chance to firstly survive and ultimately shine in the cluttered world of online video.