Ad Agencies: Why choose digital as a content investment?

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We are creatures of habit. And it is certainly easier for traditional ad agencies to stick with the familiar. Producing TV commercials is the known. From structure to costs, to dissemination and how success is reported on. TV budgets suit an agency’s revenue model. For most, there is money to be made on both the production side of the fence and potentially on media. So what would be the point of choosing to create digital content?

Retroviral 2011: A Digital Space Odyssey

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We had an awesome 2011 and the privilege of working with some of the most amazing brands, who gave us the freedom to make some pioneering steps in the online space. Below is a story of our 2011 journey. We hope you enjoy it and make it go viral

The viral entrepreneur

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This video has been circulating the interwebs for more than 18 months now. It is a prime example of well-scripted copy, coupled with a striking tune, that individuals across the globe can identify with and are moved to share.