Making the most of Micro-Moments

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If you have been a marketer before digital, you will fondly remember the surety and confidence provided by the tried and trusted “sales funnel”. Brands used to be in full control of creating and owning ‘moments’. Skip ahead a decade and the terrain has been significantly altered.
The single, incomparable sales funnel moment has passed. This is due in part to fragmentation caused by the usage of multiple devices. The introduction of multiple screens to view and engage content has split the moment into hundreds of micro moments. Mobile has created fragments in how brands are perceived. There are multiple devices that are being used to find information, share entertainment and shop online. Consumers’ attention is spread throughout multiple devices, whether it be tweeting about a trending show, researching the best insurance deals or watching a YouTube video. The sales funnel has undeniably been altered making it more challenging than ever for brands to adapt to. Instead of having the ZMOT, we are now seeing hundreds of micro moments where a brand is expected to respond.
According to Consumers in the Micro-Moment Research done by DoubleClick, 90% of smartphone users have used their phones to make progress toward a long-term goal or multi-step process while ‘out and about’.
As a brand what can you do?