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SuperSport-World-of-Champions-logoFor the ICC Cricket World Cup we wanted to communicate SuperSport’s coverage of the event. Considering the tournament is taking place in Australia and New Zealand, the time difference isn’t conducive to ‘regular viewing’. We wanted to communicate a commonality and humanness in the ways people engage with sports with an emphasis on the odd times that the ICC Cricket World Cup is being aired by SuperSport in South Africa. As a result we worked with 10th Street Media to create scenarios whereby viewers can Stay Up, Wake Up, or Catch Up on the action.

Stay Up

We are introduced to an elderly gentleman getting ready for bed. He peruses his CD collection for what could potentially be whale sounds, or something calming such as ocean noises to put him to sleep. However, he doesn’t want to sleep, he wants to be able to Stay Up… The video goes on to show the elderly man opting to listen to mosquito sounds.



Wake Up

What’s the best way to Wake Up for a match commencing at 2am South African time? Easy, create a booby trap of alarm clocks! Sound extreme? Sounds more like commitment to us. We knew the time zone differences would disrupt peoples sleep cycles but not to worry we have a plan for that. There is absolutely no way to snooze alarm clocks in this booby trap which is why we chose this idea as the best way to Wake Up. With SuperSport’s coverage of every match, every superfan would be up and ready to watch any match in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Catch Up

What happens when you arrive late for the action of the latest cricket match and need an instant update of what’s transpired? You hit the Catch Up button on your remote. With SuperSport covering every single match, there is no reason to be left behind. The truth is life gets in the way and we showed that reality in the video.  By communicating the realities of everyday life, we were able to show through that no one has to miss out on all the exciting cricket action.


The three videos combined have been watched a total of 43, 5718 times on YouTube.  Crazy time zones or not, there is a chance to Stay Up, Wake Up, or Catch Up on the action.


Go Proteas!

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