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It’s not an easy job to get people on your side when you keep interrupting main programming with ads. It was almost impossible to get them to be equally as entertained by ads until this year’s Super Bowl. Yes, the biggest football event in the U.S. had nothing to do with us but we were just as entertained by the star-studded ads that were making the rounds. One common thread for a lot of the brands was the recreation of existing content to produce “out of the box” moments; from music and film to unforgettable moments like Marilyn Monroe’s white dress subway moment.

Here’s what we loved:

1. T-Mobile

“We’ll give you cheaper rates” and “cheap data” are not only myths, they’re not the most enticing choice of words you can put together. Even for a telecoms company. That’s probably why T-Mobile steered away from that approach, choosing to focus their attention on a much younger generation with not one but two cool and reactive ads.

Hotline Bling

You may or may not be sick of the song by now but there’s no denying its popularity and the insurmountable online content it’s given us –  memes, covers and now an official ad. Given the song’s perfect fit to T-Mobile’s agenda, it was slick of them to make a few technical changes to the lyrics.

And the winner is…not

Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe oops is a memory we so wish we could erase because we can’t help but cringe every single time we see it. While the thought of T-Mobile making a joke out of it is also cringe worthy, they got their point across. It also gave Steve a much needed shot at redemption doing what he does best, making jokes…

2. Coke & Marvel

Coke has always always been big on animated adventure ads. This time, they partnered with Marvel to bring a familiar Coca-Cola visual journey and promote an upcoming Marvel film.

The Incredible Hulk vs Ant-Man

While the two are unlikely opponents, they do have one thing in common – they’re both superheros and they both get thirsty from time to time. What better way to cool off after Marvel’s biggest and smallest heros battle it out than with a mini Coke?

3. Axe:

We’ve always known Axe to have a touch of sexual appeal in their ads, without fail, that somehow makes people (especially males) believe that they’ll suddenly become the center of attraction. They haven’t really changed that aesthetic but the current pressure for more positive and unbiased messaging, they definitely adapted it.

Find your magic

Axe opted for a different approach this time, encouraging more individuality and inspiring a different appreciation for different types of masculinity. Needless to say, this probably had more people embracing an unconventional type of attraction.

4. Colgate

This was apparently the brand’s first appearance at the Super Bowl… ever. In 50 years. Naturally, they had to make a big impression on their debut.

Every drop counts

What’s more exciting to talk about in a toothpaste ad than not talking about toothpaste at all? An unexpected Public Service Announcement. Colgate not only showed the brand’s social interests, they won our hearts by supporting to something of great public concern.

5. The Internet

What would anything be without a few features from our favourite social media creatives. Usually the playground of the average witty consumer, a few brands decided to throw in a few epic game-changers to advertising. To round up our favourites, here are two brands who nailed it on Vine:



Dunkin Doughnuts:


Judging from how engaged everyone was with the Super Bowl ads, we can safely conclude that you’re not going to get anyone’s attention if you only use ads to sell. Information travels fast through your audience’s networks, so your focus should be on mastering how to create memorable and sharable content that is entertaining enough for a viewer to want you to sell them something.


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