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It’s Africa Day, a day in which we celebrate not only the founding of the Organisation of African Union, but also our diverse heritage, cultures and everything that makes this continent incredible. We’re not naïve, there are many hurdles and problems politically, socially, culturally and economically that we need to constantly work at, but this continent is full of possibilities and that is very telling when it comes to foreign investment.


What do those living on the continent believe the future holds for Africa? Here’s word from some of the winners at this year’s African Blogger Awards:


The Best Instagrammer in Africa winner, Gareth Pon weighs in:

To me, being an African in 2015 means embracing the rain that comes with change.

The future of our continent is in the hands of those who will chase dreams and live out their passions.

My top African destination is not a place, but the people who make it amazing.


Phil Chard from African Hip Hop Blog aka the best blog about Africa had this to say:

To me, being an African in 2015 means having the privilege of calling the greatest continent on earth home. It also means I have a responsibility like every other African to ensure that we help Africa and it’s people reach their full potential and reshape the perception people around the world have of Africa

The future of our continent is incredibly bright. There will be some growing pains but we have over a billion people with more resources, intelligence and resilience than we can fathom.

My top African destination is West Africa. There’s an incredible hip hop and urban music movement taking place over there and I want to witness it first hand.


Twaambo Haamucenje from African Hip Hop Blog:

To me, being an African in 2015 means everything because it makes me proud to know that I am part of a continent of the most varied, talented & creative people in the world.

The future of our continent is beyond bright because we have every resource imaginable here & the manpower to utilise it to boot.

My top African destination is Ghana because of their colourful hip hop scene. Just have to experience that in person.


Ross Hagan from African Hip Hop Blog:

To me, being an African means embracing your African identity and taking pride in our beautiful and diverse cultures.

The future of our continent is our unique & compelling African stories. It is important that our stories are heard.

My top African destination changes constantly, but right now it would have to be Cape Town. There is a great mix of nationalities & cultures and it is a real melting pot of art & creativity. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also beautiful


Here’s some wisdom from our esteemed leader, Mike Sharman:


Africa is not a country. It’s a selection of some of the most culturally diverse and alive boundaries across the globe. From people to places, wildlife, foods and sensations, we have it all.


Africa Day is an opportunity for us to showcase the talents that we have to offer. It has a rich tapestry of stories and we continue to look forward to pioneering digital storytelling across the continent, via a range of digital media.



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