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The blanket strategy for traditional media is just that – a blanket approach that simply aims to target as many people as possible on the TV, through the newspapers and via the radio. Granted, the right newspapers and magazines are chosen in an attempt to “target” the right people for the brand, but the reality is that that’s as far as targeting goes for traditional media.

So what does digital really offer in comparison? How do we reach the right people online? Well, here are some options that offer a far more targeted result, and for a much more affordable price at that.

– Geo-targeted Facebook advertising
– Geo-targeted Twitter advertising
– Google AdWords
– YouTube advertising
– LinkedIn advertising

There has been a decline in traditional media costs as a result of digital reach and its impressive Cost per thousand (CPM). This inadvertently means that either digital has to become more expensive due to its precise targeted offering, or radio and TV costs have to drop. In the meantime, digital is still the cheapest form of advertising while still producing a better Return on Investment (ROI).


Digital presents opportunities for immediate engagement with consumers in ways that traditional can’t. Some of the main key offerings that digital advertising offers are:

Specific targeting: keywords allow us to find and target your exact audience, meaning you don’t have to shoot in the dark. This also allows for remarketing to people who have already viewed your content.

Accurate tracking: With the exception of privacy enabled sites, every single word online is trackable which means it can be monitored and an advertising value equivalent can be attached.

A far more precise CPM: And therefore a more measurable ROI.

The content lives online forever: This means it can still be discovered long after being uploaded, unlike with print that becomes obsolete when the latest issue is released.

Prices differ according to your industry: This means that unlike with traditional media where you are forced to pay the price of a particular space or slot, you pay according to the popularity of your keywords. (For example, banking and insurance will be more expensive than garden gnomes.)

And importantly, it is far cheaper.


So if you happen to be looking for experts to provide you with targeted online advertising, we’d love to have a coffee with you 😉

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