Stay Up, Wake Up & Catch Up with SuperSport

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SuperSport-World-of-Champions-logoFor the ICC Cricket World Cup we wanted to communicate SuperSport’s coverage of the event. Considering the tournament is taking place in Australia and New Zealand, the time difference isn’t conducive to ‘regular viewing’. We wanted to communicate a commonality and humanness in the ways people engage with sports with an emphasis on the odd times that the ICC Cricket World Cup is being aired by SuperSport in South Africa. As a result we worked with 10th Street Media to create scenarios whereby viewers can Stay Up, Wake Up, or Catch Up on the action.

#WhyWeDoDigital: M-Net Movies Comedy 2014

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After a successful Superheroes campaign with M-Net in 2013, Retroviral was tasked with promoting the 2014 M-Net Movies Comedy channel for the month of September. With plenty of stand-up comedy on channel 104, we needed to produce a concept that would highlight this offering, while relating to South African humour.

Digital Media versus Traditional Media

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The blanket strategy for traditional media is just that – a blanket approach that simply aims to target as many people as possible on the TV, through the newspapers and via the radio. Granted, the right newspapers and magazines are chosen in an attempt to “target” the right people for the brand, but the reality is that that’s as far as targeting goes for traditional media.

Retroviral presents content remarketing

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For the past four years, Retroviral has focused on creating remarkable campaigns that get everybody talking about your brand.
In 2014, we’ve added an exciting new weapon to our armoury – content remarketing. This is one of the new tactics that we’re offering to extend the longevity of a campaign and encourage that final call-to-action.

Content Marketing: Learning from LEGO

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As traditional means of advertising are proving to be less successful, more and more brands are turning their attention to content marketing as a way to connect with their audiences. With the LEGO movie currently filling cinemas throughout South Africa, now is an opportune moment as ever to prove how, and why, effectively executed content marketing really is a brand’s best friend.


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In 2010, Retroviral was formed out of a passion to create a new kind of communications’ agency. One that understands the demands placed on brands and their agencies by the digitally-social world, and the challenges they face in reaching out to and connecting with consumers caught in a riptide of online noise and brand clutter.