Retroviral 2.0

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Today, we are proud to launch the latest version of our website. It’s been a while since the launch of version one – almost three years in fact – and it is definitely time for a change.

Enable YouTube thumbnails in Facebook

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Facebook loves changes and lately we have experienced some issues when we have wanted to embed videos into our own, or our clients’ Facebook pages. We paste the link but it does not convert itself to a link + thumbnail of the video.

Case Studies: Pink Ponies

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We work in an dog-eat-dog industry, where we are constantly trying to prove our worth to win and retain business. We use the traditional “case study” to prove how much value we have delivered to a brand, and jargon-drop terms like “ROI”,”audience”, “viral”, and “increase in year-on-year growth”, to name a few.

Where we're @

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It’s something we see often on Twitter and a perfect topic for today’s blog post – the incorrect use of the “@” sign.

Subtle changes for meme creation

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Sometimes, all that’s required for a piece of content to gain momentum and to experience a surge in pass-on rate and organic viewership spikes, is a subtle change to iconic, existing content.