Becoming an employee

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Retroviral Community Manager Owethu Makhathini shares her thoughts on moving from an intern mindset, to that of a fully-fledged employee. Here’s her take on that process:

#WhyWeDoDigital: M-Net Movies Family Channel 105

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During the festive season, M-Net asked us to help them promote their afternoon movie slot for M-Net Movies Family Channel 105. In order to hit the right target audience, we enlisted our top parenting bloggers to spread the word. We sent them themed activity boxes that related to the afternoon movie so that they could build their crafts in time to watch the family film. Throughout December, M-Net set up activations in Cape Town, Jozi, and Durban that allowed parents to entertain their children while completing their holiday shopping. Face-painting, balloon making, play-dough, drawing, and photo booths were offered as free entertainment in bustling shopping malls.

#WhyWeDoDigital: M-Net Movies Comedy 2014

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After a successful Superheroes campaign with M-Net in 2013, Retroviral was tasked with promoting the 2014 M-Net Movies Comedy channel for the month of September. With plenty of stand-up comedy on channel 104, we needed to produce a concept that would highlight this offering, while relating to South African humour.

PRISMS 2014: Retroviral takes Gold again!

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Retroviral has won its sixth PRISA Prism Gold Award in four years in the Social Media for Public Relations category, taking home the honours for its collaboration with Joe Public for the Douwe Egberts Yawn Machine campaign in the 2014 edition of the awards.

Content Marketing: Learning from LEGO

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As traditional means of advertising are proving to be less successful, more and more brands are turning their attention to content marketing as a way to connect with their audiences. With the LEGO movie currently filling cinemas throughout South Africa, now is an opportune moment as ever to prove how, and why, effectively executed content marketing really is a brand’s best friend.