Content marketing vs advertising

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We can’t deny that the rapid growth of technology shapes marketing in numerous ways. The multiple platforms, spaces and forms that digital can take make it tough, not only for marketers to reach their target audience, but once their attention is gained, transforming that into a desired action before they’re distracted by the online noise.

#DecongestSandton shenanigans

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A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet  Vincent, the owner of Cycology. Not only was his enthusiasm inspiring and rather refreshing, his new electric bicycles shed some light on a new and innovate way to get around the congested streets of Sandton.

Instagram update: Why version 6 will change your picture sharing experience

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If you haven’t heard yet, Instagram has released its latest update, and version 6 is nothing to ignore. image   Besides from the slick new filter fonts, there are numerous new editing options, making it even easier to perfect your snaps. image (1) The new tool category provides better customisation with options like: – Adjust (crop and straighten) – Brightness – Contrast – Warmth – Saturation – Highlights – Shadows – Vignette – Tilt Shift – Sharpen Each of these options also have an intensity sliding bar. image (2)   By double tapping the selected filter, you’re now able to choose the strength of your filter and preview the border option. image (3) The tilt shift option doesn’t change much from the teardrop blur option from the previous version, but the new sharpen tool offers a wider scale with a sliding bar that ensures crisp shots specific to your taste. Processed with Moldiv The new Instagram additions lets casual smartphone snappers delve a little deeper into the world of photo editors and get a feel for all the photo variations available.

Digital Media versus Traditional Media

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The blanket strategy for traditional media is just that – a blanket approach that simply aims to target as many people as possible on the TV, through the newspapers and via the radio. Granted, the right newspapers and magazines are chosen in an attempt to “target” the right people for the brand, but the reality is that that’s as far as targeting goes for traditional media.