Stay Up, Wake Up & Catch Up with SuperSport

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SuperSport-World-of-Champions-logoFor the ICC Cricket World Cup we wanted to communicate SuperSport’s coverage of the event. Considering the tournament is taking place in Australia and New Zealand, the time difference isn’t conducive to ‘regular viewing’. We wanted to communicate a commonality and humanness in the ways people engage with sports with an emphasis on the odd times that the ICC Cricket World Cup is being aired by SuperSport in South Africa. As a result we worked with 10th Street Media to create scenarios whereby viewers can Stay Up, Wake Up, or Catch Up on the action.

Welcome to #NewRetro

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In an industry that is constantly evolving, it is important for us to analyse and consider the online metamorphosis on an ongoing basis. What started out as a concept being doodled on Starbucks’ napkins in London more than six years ago, resulting in an agency that is almost five years old now, the one thing we pride ourselves on, is the ability to hunt out digital trends.

#WhyWeDoDigital: M-Net Movies Family Channel 105

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During the festive season, M-Net asked us to help them promote their afternoon movie slot for M-Net Movies Family Channel 105. In order to hit the right target audience, we enlisted our top parenting bloggers to spread the word. We sent them themed activity boxes that related to the afternoon movie so that they could build their crafts in time to watch the family film. Throughout December, M-Net set up activations in Cape Town, Jozi, and Durban that allowed parents to entertain their children while completing their holiday shopping. Face-painting, balloon making, play-dough, drawing, and photo booths were offered as free entertainment in bustling shopping malls.

Wearable Technology: What are the benefits and barriers?

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By definition, wearable technologies are clothing and accessories that incorporate computer and advanced electronics. As a result of rapid and exciting advancements in the technology sector, there has been an injection of new and exciting connected products to explore in 2015 and beyond. Dubbed The Internet of Things, wearable technology offers the chance to communicate less intrusively and challenges marketers to define the methods used to connect fans to brands.

#WhyWeDoDigital: M-Net Movies Comedy 2014

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After a successful Superheroes campaign with M-Net in 2013, Retroviral was tasked with promoting the 2014 M-Net Movies Comedy channel for the month of September. With plenty of stand-up comedy on channel 104, we needed to produce a concept that would highlight this offering, while relating to South African humour.

Ever wondered what horses and taxis have in common?

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69Our latest project has been a truly exciting one. As lead agency for the #SANSUISummerCup, Retroviral was tasked with building an online strategy that would get the word out about Johannesburg’s premier horse racing event. We are all familiar with such events in Cape Town and Durban, so it was about time Johannesburg set focus on its own race.

Tell better stories with branded content

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In our last post, we discussed content marketing versus advertising and the importance of finding something that resonates with your consumers. So what is the difference  between content marketing and branded content? Well if Wikipedia is anything to go by, “Content marketing creates interest in a product through educational, entertaining or informative material. Successful content marketing relies on providing consistent, high-quality content that solves people’s problems.”