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Retroviral is on the hunt to find South Africa’s Next Top Intern. Someone who is young, ambitious and willing to take on any challenge thrown at them. I’m not kidding when I say ANY challenge.


Not to mention the shoes you have to fill…


Why did I decide to take a year off and work at Retroviral? Well I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study yet and I didn’t just want to go to university for the sake of it. Although I am South African born and bred, I currently live in England which made it a great way for me to experience a new country and culture as I have never really lived in Joburg before. This meant that I was taking myself out of my comfort zone in order to really challenge myself.


If you’re reading this and thinking ‘hmm.. yeah I don’t really know what to study either’ don’t be scared to take a year off and get some experience, universities love that! It gives you the opportunity to not only become independent but you will mature in that short amount of time, especially if you can learn how to find a solution to every problem.


It gives you the opportunity to see what the working life is really like; if you can handle that kind of pressure and what kind of environments you work best in.


Retroviral has given me the insight into everything digital and really has opened my eyes to so much more than I thought possible. Most importantly, finding the weirdest most wonderful content on the internet has to be the highlight. It’s a beautiful place. I had the amazing opportunity to work on and go to the races, not once, but twice! The SANSUI Summer Cup and Champions day with Racing. It’s a rush, which are just two of the many awesome clients in Retorviral’s books. I got to go to several shoots and learn the process of a production. I even got to deliver Tabasco flavoured Ice-cream all over Joburg and managed to get lost in Pretoria. Here’s one big tip: make sure you know where you are going and have enough battery on your phone to get there before rush hour.  Also research. If you know how to research, you’re the winner.


Seeing a whole project/campaign come together and be completed, knowing that you had a part in it has got to be one of the best feelings you will ever experience. #makingithappen


Even though you may not be working in every department, you still have the opportunity to learn something from each and every person in the office and that’s why I love that the office is open plan. Although it can become disruptive at times, (especially if you’re the one being disruptive) it allows the creativity to flow between everyone rather than being boxed into your own space.


If you ever get the chance to watch @MikeSharman speak, go! It is an experience you will never forget. If you do miss that though, don’t worry he will probably be running around the office later showing off one of his new ideas. It’s free entertainment people, right in the comfort of your own office!


It’s not always rainbows and smiles though, and that is understandable. Sometimes you have your off days and the pressure gets to you and you may have a small cry, but if you can manage to pull yourself together, and *cues Aaliyah’s song, “dust yourself off and try again” then you’re making yourself stronger for it. It will be okay.


The office is filled with colour and will never lack creativity. The team is absolutely amazing to work with, easy to talk to if you ever have a problem and there is never a dull day at the office.


When working at Retroviral you cannot be shy of the F word… and no it’s not the one you’re thinking about. If you are the chosen one, you’ll find out more. You will also have to provide the power source for everyone’s phone, be able to work on a PC and you HAVE to be able the work heavy duty machinery like a coffee machine and printer (scanning is harder than it looks for them older folks, yo). If you can handle these few things, you’re doing alright.


Oh and one more thing, you better get shit done. If you don’t you’ll constantly be reminded by the poster staring at you which reads “get shit done” (look at the picture at the top). It’s okay to make mistakes, but learn from them and don’t make them again! Most importantly, don’t be scared to ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question and they won’t bite. At least I hope not, for your sake.


Now I’m continuing my adventure and going back to further my studies in marketing – shocker! That is why Retroviral needs you and your tertiary educated brain.


If you think you have what it takes, apply now.


However, there is one catch. We don’t want a CV. We want something way more creative than that! So get your thinking caps on and send your applications to or let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

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