Retroviral - An online communications consultancy that works with you to enhance your presence on the web

Retroviral creates online word of mouth spread for brands about their products and services using bespoke strategy, online video creation and seeding, social media, and influencer marketing tactics.

About Us

An online communications agency that works with you to enhance your presence on the web.

Design, blogger relations, community management and ‘viral’ (we use this term loosely) video production / distribution are tactics that we use to encourage discussions about your brand – to personalise it and have others champion it.

We will customise your online communications strategy to support your business objectives and ensure that your on and offline messages are complementary.

We will compile the research and have the conversations to determine what is appropriate for your brand – utilising Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin tactics, or alternate, relevant social media solutions.

Give us a shout if you’d like to chat more about digital communications. We have great coffee and an arcade machine.

What We Do

  • Create.

    We develop online communications’ strategies and work with brands to develop content that is engaging. Content is king and the catalyst for attracting and ensuring your audiences attention is focused on your online brand, product or service.

  • Share.

    Development of enticing content is step one in piquing an audience’s interest in your brand. It is important that people are made aware of your campaigns and messages. Word of mouth is the ideal tactic to spread this information, and websites, social networks, blogs, forums, and microblogs are a few of the vehicles that we use to assist in the dissemination of your messages.

  • Listen.

    It is imperative to monitor what individuals and organisations are saying about your brand, as well as listen to what your competitors are doing. Market research is readily available in the online space. We will aid in the harnessing of this information, in order for you to achieve smarter results, faster.

Work we have done


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